Keyboard - 0008522D K970802L2 DELL INSPIRON 3500

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0008522D K970802L2 DELL INSPIRON 3500

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0008522D K970802L2 DELL INSPIRON 3500Description :

0008522D K970802L2 DELL INSPIRON 3500

Category : Keyboard

Symptoms of a faulty keyboard DELL INSPIRON 3500.

Your keyboard may be defective if some keys do not work in general when it is due to spilled liquid, these keys are quite close (AZES example). Moreover, when the liquid flows, it is usually just part of DELL INSPIRON 3500 keyboard does not work anymore.

Be careful, if all 0008522D K970802L2 keyboard no longer works, it may be just the interconnection is dislocated or when DELL INSPIRON 3500 motherboard has a problem.

If the keys stick or sink evil, before looking rather buy a key to remove the mechanism and to understand what is wrong (do it gently).

Keyboard selection.

Keyboard DELL INSPIRON 3500 contains references to back, it is wise to check that these references are similar 0008522D K970802L2 with your even though a computer model DELL can have several different brands of compatible keyboard. Also check its color and language as references for the same this does not imply its language.

Change a keyboard

In most cases, one or two screws holding the keyboard DELL INSPIRON 3500 the back of the computer DELL, all being clipped above the keyboard near the strip (plastic shell) or there is the power button, you just have to push buttons with a flat screwdriver to be able to get done (do it gently) In another case you need to remove the band power button because instead of clips, screws you.

Then you just have to unclip with a screwdriver 0008522D K970802L2 the keyboard connector. Warning, do not remove the connector vertically! You may damage the connector on the motherboard and interconnection DELL not do it again.

Before reassembly DELL INSPIRON 3500 test your computer with the keyboard came out, it would be unfortunate to see any trace of a conflict.

Tips use

Avoid at all costs to have capacities liquids next to your keyboard or even eat over your computer DELL INSPIRON 3500, it is also wise to wash your hands when you use the keyboard is the most dirty and bacteriological computer. Same in case of illness do not touch if your family go back to use or the best is yet to wear gloves (especially for preserving small children a bit fragile).

It is also necessary that cats do not arise above the hairs in establishing mechanisms. Finally know that children love to remove keys, but do it with such violence that they break the mechanism of pressure from your laptop DELL

 0008522D K970802L2 DELL INSPIRON 3500

 0008522D K970802L2 DELL INSPIRON 3500

 0008522D K970802L2 DELL INSPIRON 3500

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List of compatible references

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