Video card - 08-20GR06301 VIF-28 Sony Vaio PCG-8P1M PCG-GRT916V

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08-20GR06301 VIF-28 Sony Vaio PCG-8P1M PCG-GRT916V

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08-20GR06301 VIF-28 Sony Vaio PCG-8P1M PCG-GRT916VDescription :

08-20GR06301 VIF-28 Sony Vaio PCG-8P1M PCG-GRT916V

#2 VIF-28

Category : Video card

Symptoms SONY VAIO PCG-8P1M PCG-GRT916V faulty graphics card.

You can have a black screen on your laptop SONY but beware this can also be had with a motherboard HS see a defective screen.

You can also see artifacts on the screen (small forms of colors that can move according to what is displayed on the screen.)
Another symptom is the white screen but beware, it can also come from a cable LCD LED HS, HS see a display of the motherboard.

In some cases when using, your PC may freeze on the screen, you get a blue screen or simply reboot the yet it can also come from the motherboard.

Another effect is that your graphics card does not allow you SONY VAIO PCG-8P1M PCG-GRT916V a VGA display with 256 colors see 16 low resolution, make sure though that this is not a driver problem (pilot)

Choosing the right graphics card

Your graphics card you should see references 08-20GR06301 VIF-28 , they allow you to choose your card without you wrong. You can also choose your graphics card 08-20GR06301 VIF-28 by computer model, however careful in making this choice, your graphics card can have significantly different characteristics.

Disassemble the graphic card SONY VAIO PCG-8P1M PCG-GRT916V

Most of the time you will need to remove the entire bottom of your computer SONY, unscrew the radiator and then put the new card, I'm talking about removable card (MXM) most of the others having their GPU soldered directly on the motherboard SONY. When replacing the video card SONY VAIO PCG-8P1M PCG-GRT916V, it is important to recover from the thermal paw. In some cases you have just unscrew the rear hatch has your computer to access the graphics card 08-20GR06301 VIF-28 .

Do not forget to tighten the radiator for dissipation is facing the correct way.

Although its use graphics card.

It is strongly recommended to overcloaker graphics card on a laptop SONY VAIO PCG-8P1M PCG-GRT916V SONY, for the simple reason that your cooling system SONY your laptop can not play its role properly with these new frequencies.

It is also important to properly unclog the fan every 2 months with a bomb compressed air. Overheating can cause irreparable damage to your video card SONY VAIO PCG-8P1M PCG-GRT916V.

 08-20GR06301 VIF-28 Sony Vaio PCG-8P1M PCG-GRT916V

 08-20GR06301 VIF-28 Sony Vaio PCG-8P1M PCG-GRT916V

Product of resale. 100% Working - 100% tested. Delivery 7 days

List of compatible references

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