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08G26AB1010C A6J INVERTER BOARD ASUS Z92 Z92RDescription :


Asus A6J / A6JA / A6JC

Asus A6 Series
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Asus A6000 Series
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A3000 Series D1400T
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Category : Inverter

Symptom of a faulty inverter ASUS Z92 Z92R:

It is likely to have to change a faulty inverter when your screen flickers and becomes dark or is dark at all. Be careful though, when the inverter is dead ASUS Z92 Z92R if you put a lit lamp in front of the computer you should see what is happening on the screen as if it is blank, then the problem would rather the motherboard or ASUS Z92 Z92R the graphics card.

Caution is also sometimes neon screen is dead and this causes the same symptom if the inverter loose. If the inverter sizzles this is also a sign of fatigue and it is time to change it.

How to install on your computer ASUS Z92 Z92R?

Simply remove the outline of your computer screen ASUS Z92 Z92R then remove with anti static gloves, often it is maintained by one or two Phillips screws and contains most of the time a connection on each side. Connection to the LCD panel and a connection to the motherboard. It is important to check that your inverter contains quite a few 08G26AB1010C A6J INVERTER BOARD these references, this reference may be different on yours and in this case it is useful to visualize the picture below or contact us so because we know the fingertips compatibility related to your inverter 08G26AB1010C A6J INVERTER BOARD .

If after changing the symptom is the same problem that it is either neon or in very rare cases the motherboard that is causing you the problem of backlight
It is wise to avoid bending or touching with fingers inverter. Indeed it is very fragile and must be handled with care really.

This inverter will be sent in envelopes 08G26AB1010C A6J INVERTER BOARD secure with well packaged with bubble wrap via letter max. You will receive in 48 hours.



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List of compatible references

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