Adapter - 0957-2094 40W 32V 840MA HP OfficeJet 5500 Series

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0957-2094 40W 32V 840MA HP OfficeJet 5500 Series

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Product in stock. 6 months warranty
0957-2094 40W 32V 840MA HP OfficeJet 5500 SeriesDescription :

0957-2094 40W 32V 840MA

HP OfficeJet 0950-4466 0957-2094 0957-2153 0957-2178 0957-2166 0957-2146 0957-2083 0959-2154 0959-2177 PA8040WB-B 0957-2084 Q8100- 60226 0950-4476 CFP 1315 1350 1510

OfficeJet 5500 Series All-in-One Q3434A Q3435A Q3435AR Q3435P Q3436A Q3437A Q3438A Q3440A

Category : Adapter

 0957-2094 40W 32V 840MA HP OfficeJet 5500 Series

 0957-2094 40W 32V 840MA HP OfficeJet 5500 Series

Product of resale. 100% Working - 100% tested. Delivery 7 days

List of compatible references

957-204 0957-2q94 0957-2o94 q957-2094 q957-2q94 q957-2o94 o957-2094 o957-2q94 o957-2o94 09s7-2094 84qma 84oma b40ma 0fficejet qfficejet offlcejet off1cejet 095q-4466 095o-4466 q950-4466 q95q-4466 q95o-4466 o950-4466 o95q-4466 o95o-4466 0950-44gg 0950-44g6 0950-446g 09s0-4466 0957-2q94 0957-2o94 q957-2094 q957-2q94 q957-2o94 o957-2094 o957-2q94 o957-2o94 09s7-2094 q957-2153 o957-2153 0957-2i53 0957-2l53 0957-21s3 09s7-2153 09s7-21s3 q957-2178 o957-2178 0957-2i78 0957-2l78 0957-217b 09s7-2178 q957-2166 o957-2166 0957-2i66 0957-2l66 0957-21gg 0957-21g6 0957-216g 09s7-2166 q957-2146 o957-2146 0957-2i46 0957-2l46 0957-214g 09s7-2146 0957-2q83 0957-2o83 q957-2083 q957-2q83 q957-2o83 o957-2083 o957-2q83 o957-2o83 0957-20b3 09s7-2083 q959-2154 o959-2154 0959-2i54 0959-2l54 0959-21s4 09s9-2154 09s9-21s4 q959-2177 o959-2177 0959-2i77 0959-2l77 09s9-2177 pa804qwb-b pa804owb-b pa8q40wb-b pa8q4qwb-b pa8q4owb-b pa8o40wb-b pa8o4qwb-b pa8o4owb-b pa8040w8-8 pa8040w8-b pa8040wb-8 pab040w8-8 pab040w8-b pab040wb-8 pab040wb-b 0957-2q84 0957-2o84 q957-2084 q957-2q84 q957-2o84 o957-2084 o957-2q84 o957-2o84 0957-20b4 09s7-2084 08100- 0810q- 0810o- 081q0- 081qq- 081qo- 081o0- 081oq- 081oo- q810q- q810o- q81q0- q81qq- q81qo- q81o0- q81oq- q81oo- o8100- o810q- o810o- o81q0- o81qq- o81qo- o81o0- o81oq- o81oo- q8i00- q8l00- qb100- 6q226 6o226 g022g g0226 6022g 095q-4476 095o-4476 q950-4476 q95q-4476 q95o-4476 o950-4476 o95q-4476 o95o-4476 0950-447g 09s0-4476 i3i5 i3l5 i315 l3i5 l3l5 l315 13i5 13l5 131s 135q 135o i350 l350 13s0 151q 151o i5i0 i5l0 i510 l5i0 l5l0 l510 15i0 15l0 1s10 0fficejet qfficejet offlcejet off1cejet 550q 550o 55q0 55qq 55qo 55o0 55oq 55oo 5s00 s500 ss00 all-in-0ne all-in-qne aii-in-one aii-ln-one aii-1n-one ail-in-one ail-ln-one ail-1n-one ai1-in-one ai1-ln-one ai1-1n-one ali-in-one ali-ln-one ali-1n-one all-ln-one all-1n-one al1-in-one al1-ln-one al1-1n-one a1i-in-one a1i-ln-one a1i-1n-one a1l-in-one a1l-ln-one a1l-1n-one a11-in-one a11-ln-one a11-1n-one 03434a o3434a 03435a o3435a q343sa 03435ar o3435ar q343sar 03435p o3435p q343sp 03436a o3436a q343ga 03437a o3437a 03438a o3438a q343ba
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