Battery - 11.1V 5.6Ah 63Wh 45N1059 45N1058 Lenovo thinkpad edge E330

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11.1V 5.6Ah 63Wh 45N1059 45N1058 Lenovo thinkpad edge E330

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11.1V 5.6Ah 63Wh 45N1059 45N1058   Lenovo thinkpad edge E330Description :

B052R785-9005A 11.1V 5.6Ah 63Wh 45N1059 45N1058 31INR19/65-2

 0A36290 0A36292 42T4943

  42T4949 42T4947 42T4948

  42T4951 42T4957 42T4958


42T4960 42T4961

  42T4962 45N1059


45N1063 45N1062 84+ 

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  Lenovo thinkpad edge E330

Category : Battery

This is a battery for your laptop 11.1V 5.6AH 63WH 45N1059 45N1058 LENOVO THINKPAD EDGE E330

Detection of a low battery.

The most common symptom of a faulty battery is the loss of autonomy, ie that your computer is LENOVO less time on battery.

A second case is simply that your battery will not load LENOVO THINKPAD EDGE E330 but beware this can also come from your motherboard to a concern that LENOVO THINKPAD EDGE E330 at the battery connector.

Sometimes an odor may be emitted, in this case it is important to turn off the power to your computer but especially not remove the battery 11.1V 5.6AH 63WH 45N1059 45N1058 because there is a risk of explosion or burning (this is very rare and we n 've never had cases like this, but on the internet there are pretty scary stories).

Finally it is also possible that your laptop LENOVO THINKPAD EDGE E330 no longer recognize the battery at all 11.1V 5.6AH 63WH 45N1059 45N1058 and yet there are two explanations, either the battery is dead or it's just the motherboard of your notebook LENOVO THINKPAD EDGE E330 LENOVO who died.

Observe the battery

When you do not use your laptop LENOVO it is important to remove the battery LENOVO THINKPAD EDGE E330.

Do not remove your battery while you use your computer while it is on mains or in standby, the computer must be turned off LENOVO and unplugged.

At first use, the maximum discharge and then turn it to load up.

Avoid liquid contact, intense heat or cold.

Choosing the right battery

For the same laptop LENOVO the battery may have different characteristics that are unique. Make sure its capacity and voltage, this information is listed on your original battery.

Cause of failure of a battery

Your battery may die 11.1V 5.6AH 63WH 45N1059 45N1058 :

Following a shock
Excessive temperature
Too low a temperature
A power problem
Overvoltage problem
A contact with the liquid
At a factory default
A poor quality components.

Recommendation Geek:

Personally we still have two batteries (like our phones) This gives you more autonomy and in case of problem, you can immediately see if the problem is the battery or when another component.

Battery capacity.

On a lot of computer model LENOVO you can put a higher capacity battery 11.1V 5.6AH 63WH 45N1059 45N1058 by cons if you want the lightness of your computer LENOVO THINKPAD EDGE E330 know that a larger capacity battery is always heavier. You can see the battery capacity by visualizing the numbers to MAH. 4000 MAH therefore a smaller capacity than 6600 MAH.

Voltages on

In general there are two types of voltages:

The most common are 11.1 V and 14.8 V should be aware that the exact reference of your battery 11.1V 5.6AH 63WH 45N1059 45N1058 imply its standards, so no chance of being wrong.

By cons, if you find a battery computer model, then you can have issues so it is necessary to carefully check this feature

 11.1V 5.6Ah 63Wh 45N1059 45N1058   Lenovo thinkpad edge E330

 11.1V 5.6Ah 63Wh 45N1059 45N1058   Lenovo thinkpad edge E330

 11.1V 5.6Ah 63Wh 45N1059 45N1058   Lenovo thinkpad edge E330

New product.

List of compatible references

b52r785-905 b052r785-90q5a b052r785-90o5a b052r785-9q05a b052r785-9qq5a b052r785-9qo5a b052r785-9o05a b052r785-9oq5a b052r785-9oo5a bq52r785-9005a bq52r785-90q5a bq52r785-90o5a bq52r785-9q05a bq52r785-9qq5a bq52r785-9qo5a bq52r785-9o05a bq52r785-9oq5a bq52r785-9oo5a bo52r785-9005a bo52r785-90q5a bo52r785-90o5a bo52r785-9q05a bo52r785-9qq5a bo52r785-9qo5a bo52r785-9o05a bo52r785-9oq5a bo52r785-9oo5a 8052r785-9005a 8052r7b5-9005a b052r7b5-9005a b052r785-900sa b052r78s-9005a b052r78s-900sa b0s2r785-9005a b0s2r785-900sa b0s2r78s-9005a b0s2r78s-900sa ii.iv ii.1v il.iv il.1v i1.iv i1.1v li.iv li.1v ll.iv ll.1v l1.iv l1.1v 1i.iv 1i.1v 1l.iv 1l.1v 11.iv 5.gah s.6ah g3wh 45n1q59 45n1o59 45ni059 45nl059 45n10s9 4sn1059 4sn10s9 45n1q58 45n1o58 45ni058 45nl058 45n105b 45n10s8 4sn1058 4sn10s8 3iinri9/65-2 3iinrl9/65-2 3iinr19/65-2 3ilnri9/65-2 3ilnrl9/65-2 3ilnr19/65-2 3i1nri9/65-2 3i1nrl9/65-2 3i1nr19/65-2 3linri9/65-2 3linrl9/65-2 3linr19/65-2 3llnri9/65-2 3llnrl9/65-2 3llnr19/65-2 3l1nri9/65-2 3l1nrl9/65-2 3l1nr19/65-2 31inri9/65-2 31inrl9/65-2 31lnri9/65-2 31lnrl9/65-2 31lnr19/65-2 311nri9/65-2 311nrl9/65-2 311nr19/65-2 31inr19/g5-2 31inr19/6s-2 0a3629q 0a3629o qa36290 qa3629q qa3629o oa36290 oa3629q oa3629o 0a3g290 qa36292 oa36292 0a3g292 42t494b 42t495i 42t495l 42t49s1 42t49s7 42t495b 42t49s8 42t49s9 42t496q 42t496o 42t49g0 42t496i 42t496l 42t49g1 42t49g2 45n1q59 45n1o59 45ni059 45nl059 45n10s9 4sn1059 4sn10s9 45n1q58 45n1o58 45ni058 45nl058 45n105b 45n10s8 4sn1058 4sn10s8 45n1q63 45n1o63 45ni063 45nl063 45n10g3 4sn1063 45n1q62 45n1o62 45ni062 45nl062 45n10g2 4sn1062 ed6e e12q e12o ei20 el20 ed6e ei25 el25 e12s ed6e e13q e13o ei30 el30 ed6e ei35 el35 e13s ed6e
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