Controler card - 340855-001 007914-001 EOB002 E0B002

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340855-001 007914-001 EOB002 E0B002

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[US $47.86]

Product in stock. 6 months warranty
340855-001 007914-001 EOB002 E0B002Description :

340855-001 007914-001 EOB002

Compaq Smart Array 3200 Controller

007402-001 009592-001

Category : Controler card

 340855-001 007914-001 EOB002 E0B002

 340855-001 007914-001 EOB002 E0B002

Product of resale. 100% Working - 100% tested. Delivery 7 days

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Good selection of titles, safe and simple for internet newbies, normally arrive on time and well packaged.

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Good value for money, great customer service.

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