AC Adapter - ACER A13-045N2A A045R021L Acer Aspire ES1-731-C17K

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ACER A13-045N2A A045R021L Acer Aspire ES1-731-C17K

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Product in stock. 6 months warranty
ACER A13-045N2A A045R021L Acer Aspire ES1-731-C17KDescription :

ACER A13-045N2A A045R021L REV 03 19V 2.37A 45W   PA-1450-26 ADP-45HE B A045R021L-AC01-01 KP.04503.001 KP.0450H.001 AK.045AP.075 AK.045AP.061

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Acer Aspire ES1-731-C17K

Category : AC Adapter

Symptoms of a faulty charger ACER A13-045N2A A045R021L .

Do not be fooled by the small green light on your charger if your laptop will not turn ACER, we are ever to see charger apparently running when he fed not ACER computer. This is impossible to turn on your computer may also stem from the motherboard or the power connector. The easiest way is to test your charger ACER A13-045N2A A045R021L with voltmeter before buying another.

There are also intermittent failure or charger ACER A13-045N2A A045R021L turn off after a few minutes or hours of use, yet careful, it can come from the motherboard.

Attention by cons if the computer shuts ACER when you move the power connector, so it is often the power connector on the motherboard is damaged.

Change your charger ACER A13-045N2A A045R021L

Make sure the tip because the power ACER A13-045N2A A045R021L same brand and same model sometimes may have ASPIRE ES1-731-C17K jack (tip) different.

Be careful as the amperage and voltage or voting charger ..... If they are not identical, it can fry your motherboard.

While this is optional, make sure that your charger references ASPIRE ES1-731-C17K ACER match. However, the same model can be used as references and various brands of charger.


Avoid putting your diet in rooms too hot and humid. When you are not using your computer ACER A13-045N2A A045R021L unplug it from the wall and try to use it on a land taken with or even better not only plug into a UPS and Anti anti lightning electrical variation.

Avoid placing too high a charging ACER dislike shocked (like all electronics) but below your feet do not hit it.

Do not place the wire in the passage to the risk that someone will take the feet and in case of the power connector on your motherboard.

Never bring your charger in sandy areas. (Beach etc ....)

It would also be wise to use this charger ACER A13-045N2A A045R021L for your hardware and not on another computer that would have a similar connection without having the same electrical characteristics, it could greatly damage the computer and the power ACER.

 ACER A13-045N2A A045R021L Acer Aspire ES1-731-C17K

 ACER A13-045N2A A045R021L Acer Aspire ES1-731-C17K

 ACER A13-045N2A A045R021L Acer Aspire ES1-731-C17K

Product of resale. 100% Working - 100% tested. Delivery 7 days

New: Get a new product for the same price on request for comment on the purchase (extended delivery times: 18 -22 days for a new product)

List of compatible references

a13-45n2a a13-q45n2a a13-o45n2a ai3-045n2a al3-045n2a a13-04sn2a a045rq21l a045ro21l aq45r021l aq45rq21l aq45ro21l ao45r021l ao45rq21l ao45ro21l a045r02ii a045r02il a045r02i1 a045r02li a045r02ll a045r02l1 a045r021i a045r0211 a04sr021l pa-145q-26 pa-145o-26 pa-i450-26 pa-l450-26 pa-1450-2g pa-14s0-26 adp-4she a045r021l-ac01-q1 a045r021l-ac01-o1 a045r021l-acq1-01 a045r021l-acq1-q1 a045r021l-acq1-o1 a045r021l-aco1-01 a045r021l-aco1-q1 a045r021l-aco1-o1 a045rq21l-ac01-01 a045rq21l-ac01-q1 a045rq21l-ac01-o1 a045rq21l-acq1-01 a045rq21l-acq1-q1 a045rq21l-acq1-o1 a045rq21l-aco1-01 a045rq21l-aco1-q1 a045rq21l-aco1-o1 a045ro21l-ac01-01 a045ro21l-ac01-q1 a045ro21l-ac01-o1 a045ro21l-acq1-01 a045ro21l-acq1-q1 a045ro21l-acq1-o1 a045ro21l-aco1-01 a045ro21l-aco1-q1 a045ro21l-aco1-o1 aq45r021l-ac01-01 aq45r021l-ac01-q1 aq45r021l-ac01-o1 aq45r021l-acq1-01 aq45r021l-acq1-q1 aq45r021l-acq1-o1 aq45r021l-aco1-01 aq45r021l-aco1-q1 aq45r021l-aco1-o1 aq45rq21l-ac01-01 aq45rq21l-ac01-q1 aq45rq21l-ac01-o1 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