LCD Cable - DC025062700 Dell Inspiron 5100 5150 5160

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DC025062700 Dell Inspiron 5100 5150 5160

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DC025062700 Dell Inspiron 5100 5150 5160Description :

DC025062700 Dell Inspiron 5100 5150 5160

DP N 0W3378 01Y284 Compal BDW00
#1 DC025036400



Category : LCD Cable

In most cases you should see listed above cited reference DC025062700 if this is not the case, check uploaded photos.

Symptoms of a faulty LCD cable

Most of the time a defective cable DC025062700 causes sizzle on the screen when you move your computer screen DELL INSPIRON 5100 5150 5160.

You can also see if the cable is really broken a blank screen, look this symptom can also mean that your monitor or the graphics card in your pc DELL INSPIRON 5100 5150 5160 a problem.

In very rare cases, there may be a problem as RGB color on your screen while still DELL in this case, it may be due to your monitor or graphics card DELL

How to change your cable DC025062700 effectively?

First put the gloves antistatic to avoid any risk of short circuit when handling your notebook DELL INSPIRON 5100 5150 5160. You will remove the screen from the top of the computer and remove the front of the hull before DELL, remove the hinges and fold the screen, most of the time you need to remove the tape that serves as protection to unclip the horizontal (so straight) cable connector DC025062700 Do not try to pull up because you will deform the metal part and there will be the game that will cause poor interconnection.

Then following computers DELL it will remove the front bezel or outright all or part there is the touchpad to access the connector on the motherboard DELL take care to recover from a vertical connector of your DC025062700 otherwise you will bend the pins on the motherboard and it should replace the motherboard.

Between the two there is also just unclip the cable connector located on your DELL INSPIRON 5100 5150 5160 inverter. (I note that the new models DELL, there is more because they have a inverter LED technology. Careful though, do not pull the plug and not the son, because there is a risk that you cassiez one.

Once reassembled, it is important to put a new tape on connectivity at the top of the screen.

 DC025062700 Dell Inspiron 5100 5150 5160

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