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GC02000KJ00 CR2032-JAL00 MLF

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Product in stock. 6 months warranty
GC02000KJ00 CR2032-JAL00 MLFDescription :

GC02000KJ00 CR2032-JAL00 MLF



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Category : Cmos

Symptoms of a failing battery RTC CMOS

The main symptom of a failing CMOS battery is GC02000KJ00 CR2032-JAL00 MLF reset the bios when cutting power. This can be seen when the time Windows goes back on again when his computer which prevents also the Windows Update to perform on your laptop.

Choose the CMOS battery

your CMOS battery you can see part of it in most cases a reference GC02000KJ00 CR2032-JAL00 MLF choosing this reference you can not go wrong. You can also choose by computer model, in this case you should not go wrong either.

Change the CMOS battery

Often there is a hatch in the back of your computer which allows you to remove the battery, you just have to unclip the connector with a screwdriver, do not pull on the wire to remove it, you could break a son . In other models, the battery cmos is not plastic but in a round pedestal, take the jump with a flat screwdriver. If there is no trap, I'm afraid that you have to disassemble everything, at least the lower part

 GC02000KJ00 CR2032-JAL00 MLF

 GC02000KJ00 CR2032-JAL00 MLF

New product.

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