Motherboard - ISRAA LA-3441P REV 2B Toshiba Satellite P200-13Z P200

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ISRAA LA-3441P REV 2B Toshiba Satellite P200-13Z P200

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ISRAA LA-3441P REV 2B Toshiba Satellite P200-13Z P200Description :

ISRAA LA-3441P REV 2B Toshiba Satellite P200-13Z P200

M/B K000052940 WK 751K

K000055240 WK 731K ISRAA L0D

#1 LA-3441P

Category : Motherboard

This is a motherboard for your computer ISRAA LA-3441P REV 2B TOSHIBA

Symptoms of a faulty motherboard TOSHIBA SATELLITE P200-13Z P200.

If you turn on your computer and your TOSHIBA fans rotate in the void, leaving a nice black screen, then it may be the motherboard.

Attention it can also come from NVIDIA or ATI GPU, the problem is also whether or not the GPU is soldered on the motherboard. If it is welded it will be much more comfortable to change the motherboard of your computer rather than embarking on a GPU solder because you need a lot of equipment to perform this action. Warning yet, a black screen may also come from the ram or your wireless card (or even on your processor). To find out if this is not your screen TOSHIBA SATELLITE P200-13Z P200 is concerned, try to boot the computer to an external monitor.

Another symptom is not recognized by your laptop TOSHIBA SATELLITE P200-13Z P200 your keyboard, mouse, battery, USB etc. .... in a case like this is sometimes the chipset that has taken a hit. In general, it must be tested with several components in order to know if this is really the motherboard is faulty TOSHIBA SATELLITE P200-13Z P200.

In some cases, there is more backlight on your screen TOSHIBA, most immediately think of a faulty inverter TOSHIBA but this is not always the case and it can also come from the motherboard TOSHIBA SATELLITE P200-13Z P200.

In other circumstances TOSHIBA SATELLITE P200-13Z P200 your notebook can still hang on the BIOS, test still alternating TOSHIBA memory to see if it does not come of these.

Another effect of a failure is the famous CHECKSUM ERROR, even if most of the time this is a must CMOS battery, but it can also come from the motherboard TOSHIBA, which is very annoying because it resets each cut TOSHIBA SATELLITE P200-13Z P200 computer bios settings including time.

A symptom complex is the failure to detect random, so the screen freezes while you work or you have a blue screen attention this problem can also be forced to system instability or a faulty graphics card TOSHIBA SATELLITE P200-13Z P200.

Another subtlety is the automatic restart of your laptop TOSHIBA, although most often it's had a bad CPU cooling that triggers the safety of the motherboard because such a fan dirty or overcloacking.

Your motherboard may also be ISRAA LA-3441P REV 2B HS causing a breach of any current in-house. So you can not turn it on, this is usually due to a power surge. Verify that this still is not the charger or electrical outlet that no longer works. This can also come from the power connector TOSHIBA that no longer works.

Sometimes your motherboard does not recognize your drive TOSHIBA SATELLITE P200-13Z P200 burner, check again that this is not the drive that is involved, but it is true that HS motherboard can cause this problem.

Change a motherboard ISRAA LA-3441P REV 2B

First of all, understand that you must remove your entire computer TOSHIBA and it is not a trivial matter, the hardest being the reassembly, the easiest way is to shoot yourself with your webcam or phone to remember what you did. You also sometimes videos on youtube or dailymotion of people removed their motherboard ISRAA LA-3441P REV 2B

Wear gloves and antistatic do it gently, this material is very fragile, especially water AWM interconnection (do not break the pins). You must therefore remove the shell, keyboard, remove the drive and all its other components ....

Dismantling a computer is made of subtlety, never force a component of your computer TOSHIBA keep in mind that everything is unscrewed, unclipped in sweetness, if you force, you lose the game: GAME OVER, you broken piece.

Have with you a little limp and small Phillips screwdrivers, if you know the topic you can switch to electric unscrewing (only for disassembly, reassembly if you go blow up the threads .. When you unscrew, do not break the thread! Forcing the screw and turn only once reached the point of compression, unscrew. Some of them are quite hard.

When you put the computer TOSHIBA SATELLITE P200-13Z P200 do not forget the tablecloths or connectors! Once up, the tension rises when one sees that forgot to reconnect the USB or keyboard ....

 ISRAA LA-3441P REV 2B Toshiba Satellite P200-13Z P200

 ISRAA LA-3441P REV 2B Toshiba Satellite P200-13Z P200

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