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LTN133AT20 0B50781 Lenovo thinkpad edge E330

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LTN133AT20 0B50781   Lenovo thinkpad edge E330Description :

LTN133AT20 0B50781 04W4004LJ96-0565BD LTN133AT20-L04

  Lenovo thinkpad edge E330

Category : LCD screen

Symptoms of a faulty screen LENOVO THINKPAD EDGE E330.

It may seem small vertical or horizontal bars of color.

LENOVO THINKPAD EDGE E330 screen can be divided into 2 or 4 see more attention to this problem but can also be had with a graphics card LENOVO letting go.

The screen blurs LTN133AT20 0B50781 alone or sizzles when you move, make sure when your own cable LCD (or LED) and your inverter as these symptoms may also be had to these components.

Black screen, you will not see anything but you hear Windows start to really detect if the screen LENOVO THINKPAD EDGE E330 who is at fault, I suggest you connect your computer to an external display (VGA or HDMI). Attention to a black screen may also come from a graphics card LENOVO or faulty motherboard.

Attention again even if an external monitor, the problem does not appear, it may still come from your graphics card.

Screen LENOVO THINKPAD EDGE E330 dark without light, in general it comes from the inverter and in very rare cases of the motherboard, but it can also come from the neon of the screen.

Color screen (Red in general) so this comes on the screen but sometimes the graphics card.

White screen, it may come from the screen but also LENOVO THINKPAD EDGE E330 lcd cable, graphics card or motherboard to see.

Black spots or traces of black liquid on the LCD panel, no doubt, this is the stone which has taken a hit.

You guessed it, it is very difficult to diagnose the failure of your computer hardware without LENOVO to test, it is almost impossible. Even your repairers often have not all the material needed .... so it is best to order the parts and then get a refund if it does not, it is the only solution.

Change the screen.

You must remove the plastic front of the screen before LENOVO THINKPAD EDGE E330, unscrew the hinges of the screen, disconnect the inverter cable and LCD (or LED). Attention to the cable LCD (or LED), remove the horizontal so as not to deform the connector of your screen LTN133AT20 0B50781 .

When you put your new tile put a bubble wrap to avoid scratching the surface of the screen.

Test your LCD panel (or LED) LTN133AT20 0B50781 if it works before reassembly (gain time in case of problems)

Keep the screen.

When you clean your tile, take a special liquid screen and nothing else, you could damage the surface, preferably with a soft cloth that is not lint.

Always keep your computer LENOVO closed when not in use, it prevents scratches and shocked, attention also to cats who like to attack the screen when it moves. (Screensaver)

Always close your computer LENOVO gently to avoid shocks.

Specifications: We can send compatible displays the same quality or better, these are 100% compatible with your machine and have all been tested.

 LTN133AT20 0B50781   Lenovo thinkpad edge E330

 LTN133AT20 0B50781   Lenovo thinkpad edge E330

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