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V221A690 SR0J2

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V221A690 SR0J2Description :

S-Spec number SR0J2
Processor Type Pentium Dual-Core Mobile
Processor number B970
Part number FF8062700998002
Processor speed (MHz) 2300
Clock multiplier 23
L2 cache size (KB) 512
L3 cache size (KB) 2048
Package type 988-pin micro-FCPGA
Socket type Socket G2 (rPGA988B)
Core Stepping Q0
Case temperature (°C) 85
Processor core Sandy Bridge
Cores 2
Features Enhanced SpeedStep
Execute disable bit

Samsung NP300E5C 300E5C

Category : CPU - Processor

Symptoms of a faulty processor V221A690 SR0J2.

The computer will not boot, black screen. Warning this can also be had in a multitude of failures of components other than the CPU. To know the truth you must use a post code tester that plugs into USB port or mini pci.

The screen freezes, also the same, although other factors may be causing the problem, do not be you without post code tester.

The computer restarts after a big CPU utilization V221A690 SR0J2 or if it's hot in the room, in this case, the processor is evil cool, so clean the fan. Also use a cpu stress to see if the problem again with a high CPU usage.

You blue screens, it can happen but enable the error report to see what causes the failure of the system as a multitude of issues may cause a blue screen.

Choosing the right processor

I strongly advise you to choose a processor V221A690 SR0J2 identical to yours! A laptop is often not able to cool a more powerful processor. More because you can not change the cooling system, this is a dangerous mission in terms of heat dissipation. Worse it is not said that the bios of your laptop takes a different cpu understand because a laptop bios bios is not a desktop motherboard is built to support the full range of processor (the least when you buy a bare motherboard sold by the manufacturer itself)

You should check references V221A690 SR0J2 listed on the processor, it is the best way to avoid mistakes when buying.

Be careful if you choose by computer model, it is not said that the processor is compatible, the same series can be amd or intel.

Remove the processor V221A690 SR0J2

to change its processor, you will often remove the entire bottom, unless that it is accessible through a hatch at the back of the computer which is quite rare. You also need to remove the radiator which fixed the fan.

Be careful to unlock the socket with the release screw with a screwdriver and ditto for the return or you may bend the pins. Know that your processor V221A690 SR0J2 be removed without forcing the socket, if you force is that it is still locked.

A processor pin very thin and fragile, handle with care if you do not want to waste your time to straighten with a flat screwdriver.

Be careful to tighten the radiator so that it fits well with him, otherwise the heat will be dissipated evil.

It will also recover much of the leg suitable thermal

V221A690 SR0J2 maintain its processor.

The only thing to do is not to optimize (overcloacker) To gain a few milliseconds to open an application, you may lose three days have change if you did burned, more it reduces its life .

 V221A690 SR0J2

 V221A690 SR0J2

Product of resale. 100% Working - 100% tested. Delivery 7 days

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