Connector - WISTRON EA53 BM 450.03703.1001 packard Bell easynote MS2397

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WISTRON EA53 BM 450.03703.1001 packard Bell easynote MS2397

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Product in stock. 6 months warranty
WISTRON EA53 BM 450.03703.1001 packard Bell easynote  MS2397Description :

WISTRON EA53 BM DC 450.03703.1001 packard Bell easynote  MS2397

Category : Connector

Symptoms of a power connector jack PACKARD BELL EASYNOTE MS2397 defective:

The main problem appears when you move your PACKARD BELL EASYNOTE MS2397 jack and the computer shuts down. In this case, it is inevitable, there is clearance between your power connector and jack PACKARD BELL EASYNOTE MS2397 your charger PACKARD

Sometimes there is more power at all, but attention also test your charger and connectivity inside your plug to see if it does not come with your motherboard or your PACKARD charger.

Choosing the right power connector WISTRON EA53 BM 450.03703.1001

Sometimes, certain types of model you can see a label with a reference WISTRON EA53 BM 450.03703.1001 . This reference implies its features and you can not go wrong by choosing. You can also get your jack PACKARD BELL EASYNOTE MS2397 by reference computer, the same computer model PACKARD did indeed only variant AC plug.

Change the connector AC DC

We are talking about PACKARD BELL EASYNOTE MS2397 removable connector and not those soldered on the motherboard.

In general you need to disassemble the entire front cover (or is the keyboard) and sometimes even the entire motherboard and the back cover. You just have to unclip the connector WISTRON EA53 BM 450.03703.1001 (which is sometimes held by screws) and then put the new.

Paying attention, it would be wise to test the laptop before everything turns back .... Realize that it does not work once reassembled everything would be unfortunate.


Mostly jack breaks when you take your feet in the charger wire, which causes high pressure at the power connector and breaks the weld PACKARD BELL EASYNOTE MS2397 , it is necessary not position the wire in the passage.

Only put the tip of your original charger PACKARD and never force it. If you think that the jack is fouled while taking a compressed air blower and not a toothpick or other object of this style.

 WISTRON EA53 BM 450.03703.1001 packard Bell easynote  MS2397

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